Writing is Like Riding a Horse

Writing is like riding a horse. Neglect to ride your horse regularly and you will forget to steer it properly the next time you need to ride it. The same thing is true of writing. If you do not practice it, you will forget it altogether. More than twenty years of writing and blogging have made me share this experience. I become challenged and feel lost for words and creativity if I abandon writing for more than a month. And I think other people share this experience in common. It does not matter in which language you write. If you do not practice, the skill of writing eventually dwindles and disappears. You ought to stop that from happening. How can you do so? By writing and to practice writing.

vector of cowboy mascot riding the standing horse

Practice makes perfect, so to speak. Everything needs some sort of practice. And the more you practice, the more you get a handle on that individual thing you are undertaking. Suppose you want to drive a car. You cannot just get behind the wheel right away and put the car on the road. You should need to go over theory lessons, take some hands-on lessons, and move the car. To reiterate, you have to take both theory and practice lessons in order to understand the rules of driving. After that, you can have your first dive of driving, and you build on from there, day after day until you are confident and comfortable with your driving skill.

The same thing applies to writing. You need to learn the basics, challenge yourself by writing what you are passionate about, and continue practicing regularly. Or else, you will forget the art of writing altogether.  When it comes to writing, you will never achieve perfection. Hence, go easy on yourself because all learning concepts and skills have a learning curve, and writing is no exception. But practice your skills and pay your utmost efforts.