Writing is a process

Every task has a process and purpose, and writing has a purpose and a process to follow. You first need to know and pinpoint the purpose of your writing. What are you writing about and who are you waiting for? The purpose of your writing and your intended audience kick in here. Either one is fairly essential.

People write for varied goals and purposes and carry out their writings accordingly. They may write blog posts, long articles, essays, research papers, reports, and the like. They may also, when it comes to an audience, write for the general public, high school students, college students, or politicians.

Something inspires you to write. You cannot just wake up and write out of a vacuum. You might have come across something that has pained you; you may want to debunk an idea and discredit it; you may desire to support a cause. So many things can inspire you. And the essence of your writing flows from those triggers and inspirations.

Research is important. Research what you want to write about. Get as much information as possible regarding your topic. Gather general ideas first, and narrow them down afterward. That process is called mind mapping, and it is a fairly useful one. Researching something is to investigate an issue, analyze it, and explain its effects, be they positive or negative.

Research enables you to get information on your topic. And you can check out various information sources, including books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet, of course.

When you get all the needed information for your topic, start generating your first draft followed by your second and third drafts. After that, edit your last draft and publish it or present it to your intended audience. Bang, there you go. You are done with that piece of writing. Then, select your next topic and follow the same process.