Writing is a complex process

Writing is about making a point or telling a story, and it encompasses various aspects. If you want to write well, you need to focus on different aspects of the writing process. You need to plan, shape, draft, revise, and edit. Each of these processes requires attention and focus. You plan a piece of writing by coming up with ideas and mulling over what you are going to write about. After finding the focus for your writing, you need to shape that piece of writing by organizing the needed information. For example, you choose what information comes first, what information comes second, and what information comes third, and so on.

After that, you draft your topic, the focus of your writing. Here, you need to write your ideas in sentences and paragraphs. In this stage, you have to aim for unity and coherence, meaning your sentences and paragraphs must pull in the same direction and work in unison. For instance, if your topic’s focus is about media, all the paragraphs ought to capture that concept, albeit at varied capacity. In other words, stick to the topic at hand, and do not deviate from the focus of your writing.

After you have written the first draft, you will need to evaluate it, revise it, and rewrite it all over again if necessary. You may trash a lot of the first draft and replace it with robust ideas and captivating sentences and paragraphs. You cannot get anywhere with the first draft; it is raw and incomplete. Finally, you edit your writing by checking for correct grammar, syntax, and style. Do you agree that writing is a complex process that needs attention, dedication, and persistence? If you do, you are absolutely right.