We’ll Have Good Summer This Year

Coronavirus has complicated everything, but things will soon return to normalcy. Alberta Premier Jason Kenny stated that he’ll remove all COVID-19 public health restrictions by the end of June. That’s good news!

Premier Jason Kenny

The province has vaccinated the vast majority of its residents. More than half of the province’s population got inoculated. According to stats by the province, 61.5 percent of the population has received at least one dose. So this fact is putting us at ease, and that’s why the premier has made the announcement. 

Alberta Legislature

It appears that we’ll enjoy this year’s summer. Aren’t you excited? I think you’re. We all like summer. It’s a season in which we walk around, frequent public parks, socialize in eateries, and watch children and youth play different sports. Summer energizes us all. We love it. We get plenty of sunlight needed by our bodies to accumulate varied vitamins. 

I like summer, for I become light as I don’t put on all those heavy, necessary clothes. No heavy boats; no thick coats; no neck scarf, no hand gloves. All that extra weight is gone. I become light in summer. So are you, if you reside in Alberta in the summer. 

Enjoy summer at the park

Do you remember last year’s summer? COVID-19 canceled all summer activities. We’re advised to stay away from public parks, so the virus kept us indoors. It’s a boring summer indeed. We pray not to have the same one again.

Every year, we all look forward to a good summer. Our long winter months make us long for one. We all get tired after six months of cold weather. Who doesn’t crave warm weather after all those months?

But summer has its challenges. Its days are too long, and nights too short. We all sleep fewer hours. It’s even harder for some of us. If you pray five times a day, your challenge is much tougher.

One of the five prayers is offered at 9:50 pm; the next one at 11:15 pm; the following one at 4:15 am. Toda the sun rose at 5:14 am, and it’ll set at 9:50 pm. That’s quite tough, eh. But we’re bearing with the challenge due to a bigger obligation. 

Praying (photo by Aleteia)

Despite all the challenges, though, summer is a nice season. Everything gets green, and we enjoy the sight of it. If all the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the province, we’ll have a better summer than the previous year. And we’re looking forward to the end of June. Be it the best summer.