Welcome to Jigjiga Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre

Welcome to a region where Islaamnimo and Soomalinimo are flourishing. Your arrival in Jigjiga thrills the region’s people. Although you are Somalia’s Prime Minister, you have a lot to share with the region’s people. Ku akhri Soomaali

Come and see the region for yourself. It is a different place today. The region’s residents are proud Somalis, and nobody penalizes them for brandishing their Somali identity or practicing their religion.

They write in their Somali language, brandish their Somali culture, and practice Islam. The credit goes to the palpable change that has taken place in the region.

Mr. Prime Minister, your arrival will invigorate the residents’ spirit and embolden them to hold more onto their identity. For a long time, the region’s residents had been coerced to alter their Somali identity and religion, but those efforts had not succeeded.

The residents are known to be steadfast, resilient, and optimistic about the future. They went through calamities of different sorts: killing, torture, displacement, and eradication of culture. But they persisted and persevered. Today they are in a better condition and are aspiring for a brighter future. Of course, you know the region’s evolution and understand its current situation.

Nothing is worse than living in perpetual fear. Prime Minister Hamza, you are coming to a city where ordinary citizens are not afraid of anyone, except Allah.

You are coming to a city where residents are living side by side in a brotherly way. Welcome to Jigjiga, Mr. Prime Minister.