Unfair Share

It is a great victory for the Absame/Kumade people to occupy Somalia’s Premiership for the first time, but it’s unfortunate to deprive them of getting a full ministerial position. Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre is from the Ogaaden clan, which is one of the Absame clans. According to Somalia’s current arrangement, his clan cannot get a full minister but other Absame clans can; however, he deprived them of obtaining such a position. 

The list containing Somalia’s 25 Ministers appointed by him is devoid of any full minister from the Kumade clans. Very strange. Absolute injustice. Unfair decision. Absame/Kumade  is not one clan but comprises various clans; Ogaaden is one of them.

Instead of giving Jidwaaq Absame a full ministerial position, Prime Minister Hamza appointed a Deputy Minister for the clan. A fallacious argument he has put forward is that “the Kumade Clan” has become a Prime Minister, so they cannot obtain a full Minister. Absame Kumade is not one clan, but consists of diverse clans bonded by blood ties. So the Prime Minister and his advisors’ ploy aimed at depriving Other Absame clans of their fair share of the appointed ministers is complete injustice. 

Hierarchically, Absame Kumade corresponds to Harti Kombe. For instance, if the country’s Prime Minister comes from Majeerteen, other Harti clans get full Ministers. Dhubahante obtains a full minister; Warsangale gets one, and so on. Why does the Majeerteen clan not argue that they have got the Prime Minister’s position, so other Harti clans do not deserve to have full ministers? 

Whether the Prime Minister relishes or regrets his decision, he has virtually stripped the Absame clans of what they have deserved to get.