The Internet Drives the Use of Social Media

Since the use of social media is based on an internet connection, you can’t use any of its platforms if you aren’t connected to the internet. But can we all afford to have an internet connection? The answer is negative. 

Are you connected? (picture by CFMA)

If you and I are privileged and connected to the internet, there’re millions of people who’re unable to get connected due to financial difficulties. Those connected to the internet are called “haves”, while those without it are called “have-nots”. This is internet terminology.

And there’s another term called “digital divide”. It’s the difference between the haves and the have-nots of the internet. The internet enables us to exchange electronic information. Without the internet, we can’t send information to each other and make use of social media varied platforms. So having an internet connection and using social media channels are two inseparable things. 

Connect me to the internet, so I can communicate with the world via social media. If you don’t, then I can’t communicate anything unless I resort to the bygone methods of communication (letters, envelopes, telegraphs, etc). Hence, the Internet is the mother of our modern way of communication. 

by worldwide web foundation

You might not be physically connected to the internet but use a data connection. It’s the same thing, though. If you access the social media channels via a data connection, you’re still using the internet. A data connection is another way of saying “an internet connection”. 

How much of the world’s population is connected to the internet? “As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide-59.5 percent of the global population.” 

As you see, the vast majority of the world’s population is connected to the net. But another 40.5 percent of its inhabitants are disconnected from the internet and its abundant resources, making them disadvantaged. They don’t have what we’ve. They’re less fortunate when it comes to the abundant resources of the net. 

The haves and have-nots of the internet are on two spectrums. The haves are armed, while the have-nots are unarmed. They’re digitally divided. One is capable; the other is incapacitated. Which one are you? If you’re reading this article on your phone or computer, you’re definitely among the haves. Pat yourself on the back and thank God.