The Entire World’s Eyes Are on American Elections

Every country is connected to America in one way or another and is eying its current elections. Because the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world, all countries are dependent on it for different reasons and resources.

Biden and Trump

Some rely on it for protection; some rely on it for financial benefits, while others rely on it for professional development. And that is why its elections are a global phenomenon and have a paramount importance. They are closely watched and followed worldwide, with every country hoping the best outcome.

The U.S. elections are held every four years, and the countries two parties (Democrats and Republicans) start vying for winning them to govern the country.

For this year, the two parties are competing for the presidential chair of the country. Each party is rolling up its sleeves to be victorious. November 3rd is an Election Day set by law for the country’s presidential elections. So, Americans flocked to voting centres to cast their ballots and choose their preferred president, but the election’s results have been disputed thus far.

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are still at loggerheads. The situation is tense. 74 million people voted for Joe Biden, while 71 million people voted for Donald Trump, yet he refused to concede. Nevertheless, it was declared that Joe Bide had won the race, and is the President-Elect. But President Trump is against the announced result, and has called it null and void. Also, he has demanded that some states votes be re-counted, as he has alleged a voter fraud. However, President-Elect Joe Biden is preparing himself to occupy the White House in January, 2021.

Americans are questioning their democracy and are worrying about fierce skirmishes that can occur between the two parties and their followers.