September 11/01 Worsened Somalis’ Plight

No single person, as it is clear to all, denies the fact of the despicable, inhumane plight that Somalis have been undergoing since the dismal civil war broke out in their dwellings in the late 80’s. Countless tragedies of all colours befell them, and all of them have shared a common experience: war, famine, and devastation. When one says Somalis one speaks about people, not localities and territories. Poets and those who are good at composing poems could possibly describe how profound Somalis have suffered. Somalis have become scattered all over the places, for their habitations were wrecked and ruined by savage and unscrupulous wars. Somalis fled in every direction and reached every distant corner of the world, be it West or East-as far as Japan, China, and the North Pole. 

As time went by, and Somalis kept suffering from all sorts of misfortunes, September 11 had come, and it truly aggravated Somalis’ plight. Even though the catastrophic event of September 11 took place in New York, which is thousands of miles far from Somalia, the event hit Somalis hard right in their dwellings. Furthermore, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, some Somalis had been jailed, on the basis that they belonged to terrorist groups, whereas thousands of others lost their livelihood sources, for their close relatives have been unable to remit the customary handouts to them through (Hawalas). A number of the biggest Somali money-transfer services (Hawalas) were shut down.

As a result, thousands of different employees who used to work for them lost their jobs and became penniless individuals, with families to feed and support. Moreover, an abundant amount of money that was in transit to starving families in Somalia was frozen.
Regardless of their geographical locations, September 11, 2001, affected all Somalis severely. Generally, millions of creatures have suffered as a result of the event, and Somalis received their share of the affliction. With respect to those who reside in the west, they had been hit hard by 9/11, too. As for getting jobs in the west, it is quite challenging to find immediate employments, as Somali names stand out and trigger skeptical assumption.

Because of fear and fretfulness, many Somali women have thrown their traditional dresses away, claiming that it could call for calamities to them and their families. Similarly, a number of men had changed their Muslim names before they adapted other names. Thus, it could be said that Somalis in the west have been doing these matters out of fear and frustration. Those traumatized by what has happened in the country and eventually came to the west for safety and better conditions are now under confusion, scrutiny, and uncertainty. All in all, September 11 Worsened Somalis’ Plight and augmented their suffering indeed.