Ramadan Purifies the Soul and Cleans the Body

Don’t you see that Ramadan is running too fast? It’s already day 15 of Ramadan. Half of the month is gone. Ramadan serves the dual purpose of a) purifying the soul and b) cleansing the body. We’re a combination of a body and soul and we’ve to take care of each one. Both need to be nourished differently, though.

The body needs food and water, while the soul requires a spiritual diet. Both the soul and body die if they don’t get their needed essentials.

Ramadan weans the body off food and water during fasting hours. From predawn to sunset. The aim is to cleanse the body and connect the soul to its creator. We abstain from eating and drinking throughout the day because of the great wisdom prescribed by Allah.

During the month, the body gets the chance to detoxify the digestive system, creating a healthier body. “Fasting not only uses your fat reserves but also cleanses your body of harmful toxins that might be present in fat deposits. With the digestive system on a month-long overhaul, your body naturally detoxifies, giving you the opportunity to continue a healthier lifestyle beyond Ramadan.”

Like the body, the soul needs to remedy itself and get rid of residual ailments. By leaving out immoral behaviors, the soul uplifts its status and gets closer to its maker. And decadent deeds that ought to be abandoned are many. Fighting, gossiping, swearing, and backbiting are some.

Ramadan only comes to us once a year. It’s a blessing from the creator bestowed on us. Fasting 30 days of the month (sometimes Ramadan becomes 29 days) helps us purify our souls and bodies by connecting more with Allah and doubling down on doing good deeds.