Rain Delights or Devastates People’s Conditions

Rain can be both a blessing and a problem. It either delights people’s lives and conditions or devastates them. The last week’s heavy rainfall in British Columbia (a province in Canada) has ravaged thousands of people and relegated them to severe conditions.

Raining heavily

Their wellbeing has been devastated by the rainfall, which poured down and continued for 24 solid hours. A month’s rain fell within 24 hours. What a burden! It flooded everywhere. Residents living in numerous towns of the province have been evacuated to safety. And the rains claimed the lives of many individuals. 

Flooded home(picture by Aljazeera)

Think of an entire month’s rain that fell in only 24 hours. It flooded the province, displaced inhabitants, and damaged public and private infrastructures. More specifically, the rain demolished homes, washed out bridges, and cut off highways, meaning the province has been cut off from the rest of the country.

Cutoff bridge

We living beings need the rain to sustain life. We wither and die without the rain, so it’s a blessing from God. Because of the rain, we grow food, graze animals, and gain strength. However, it can sometimes devastate our well-being. That’s what’s transpiring in British Columbia. The province is in a siege. 

You feel good when you see your government standing by you and coming to your rescue. Canada has stood with its ravaged people and heeded their call. Disaster zones trained troops have been deployed in the province to mitigate the flooding disaster, and to rescue what could be salvaged. 

Rain can delight and devastate people's condtions
Ottawa deploys military to help with B.C. floods (picture by Globe and Mail

Climate heating led to this devastation, climate change experts argue. They say a phenomenon known as an “atmospheric river” caused the heavy precipitation. “An atmospheric river, or AR, is a large, narrow stream of water vapour that travels through the sky.”

A periodical report written by an organization named “The International Panel on Climate Change” states that “Anthropogenic warming is already producing fiercer heat waves, heavier rainstorms, and more violent cyclones.”

The province of British Columbia is rife with recurring heat-wives, wildfires, and floods. Ostensibly its residents are used to these catastrophic episodes. Every year, it catches wildfires or suffers aggressive floods.

Despite their negative effects, rains, regardless of when they pour down, are vital for our livelihood and for all other beings’ livelihood as well.