Prophet Mohammad: The Greatest Leader of Mankind

God has honored and authenticated Prophet Mohammad, and entrusted him with peaceful and impartial message. The Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) is blessed and praised. Linguistically the name “Muhammad” means “the praised one”. Indeed, God has praised the Prophet’s manners and actions in the Holy Quran and, of course, nobody is more truthful than the Creator. In one Hadith (Prophet’s saying), the prophet said, “I am Muhammad, the one who is praised.” In fact, the Prophet has been extremely acclaimed, for his name is attached to that of God (Laa Ilaaha Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah).

God has protected his beloved Prophet and poured his bounty on him. Without his creator’s guard, the Prophet would have perished in childhood. He was in his mother’s womb when his father died, and his mother passed away when he was six years old. With his both parents dead, the Prophet (peace be upon him) got exposed to all kinds of hardships, but almighty God defended him every step of the way, and empowered individual relatives to care for him. He was raised first by his paternal grandfather and then his uncle Abu Talib.

God toughened up the prophet to shoulder a great message. He got prophethood at the age of forty and shook the world. And because of that honour and gift, people envied and alienated him, even wanted to eliminate him to extinguish his message. They put too much pressure on him to abandon the message, but he would not budge on his magnanimous task. His foes employed all sorts of tactics, but did not succeed.

The prophet was walking patience. Everyone who saw him marveled at his serene character and compassionate manners. While his Quraysh tribe was plotting against him, he was praying for them to be righteous people. This matter speaks to the prophet’s endurance and kindness. In fact, the tribe knew his personality, but did not like the message he came up with; and that was the essence of their anger, their insatiable anger. To tarnish his integrity and intellect, they called him names and accused him of being a learner mystic and a talented magician. Nonetheless, God vilified their allegation and exposed their true intention by revealing a verse of the Quran which is read until today.

When that trick did not work, the tribe approached Abu Talib and demanded him to stop his nephew’s message, or else Abu Talib and his entire family would be boycotted. Abu Talib would not yield, for he knew his nephew’s stance.  Consequently, Abu Talib and the entire family were boycotted, meaning nothing could be sold to them, and nobody would mix and mingle with them. The boycott starved them and killed the prophet’s dear wife Khadijia; she died out of malnutrition. His uncle also passed away the same year. The Prophet (peace be upon him) dubbed it “The year of grievance”.   

Prophet Mohammad has established real, positive change. His message upholds peace, inspires impartiality, and advises people to obey their creator and should not oppress one another. The world was rife with oppression and inequality when the Prophet came out. It was a world devoid of civility and sympathy, for the stronger subdued the weaker and the richer enslaved the poorer. But he reversed that situation in a short period of time by enjoining good and forbidding evil. He warned against defamation, vulgarity, and fabrication. In addition, he shamed exploitation of all sorts.   What a great leader!

Take his Arab peninsula region, for example. This region’s inhabitants would bury girls alive, for they abhorred fathering them, not to mention all other ills. It was a region that detested women, considering them to be dishonour in society. The region’s logic was absurd indeed, and that absurdity was not confined to the region, but transcended boundaries.

People are equal in the sight of God. Hence nobody is superior to anyone else. This is the nucleus of Prophet Mohammad’s message, the Islam. It preaches fairness, which is the corner stone of human values. Judging between people, the Prophet never sided with his friends, making people flock to him for dispensing justice irrespective of their creed. Even his bitter adversaries had faith in his justice, and this is fact recorded by history, not just mere claim. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the greatest leader and teacher of mankind.