Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry of Winter

Winter is one of the four seasons. “Seasons occur because earth is tilted on its axis relative to the orbital plane.” Winter’s nature and effects vary from one continent to another continent. The name winter comes from an old Germanic word meaning ‘time of water’. In Africa, for example, winter is a dry, hot season. Heat torments sub-Saharan African countries, especially those close to the Equator. In these countries, water becomes a scarce commodity, so people move from one place to another in search of water.

Canadian winter

In Europe and North America, on the other hand, winter is a wet and cold season. Snowfall is a common occurrence on these two continents. It keeps falling for about five months or so, although some countries get more snow than others.

Winter prides itself on long nights and shorter days. Although people living in cold countries get plenty of sleep and rest, they dread prolonged darkness. The sun sets early and rises late. Dark hours are about 16 hours.

In most provinces of Canada, snowfall continues for six months. Then, it stops and thaws, enabling farmers to grow crops of different kinds. Snow is to cold countries what rain  is to tropical countries. Both rain and snow are needed for the moisture. Without them, farmers cannot work to cultivate their fields and produce crops.

Draught arises from the lack of or insufficient rainfall and snowfall. Both are sources of livelihood, not only for humans but for all creatures. If rain and snow fail to come down, all creatures suffer and can perish eventually. They moisturize the earth and revive it after withering and losing its colour.

God is the creator of all seasons. And they are stark signs of his wisdom and wise governance over the universe. Nobody else can claim the habitual function of the seasons or alter the nature of their operation. The sun rises and sets and nobody has any control over its operation.

Who can stop winter or make it continue for less time, just for two months or so? Nobody. Who can prevent snow from falling? Nobody. Neither a superpower country nor a knowledgeable nation can have the ability to thwart snowfall, even if they pool all their resources and pull in the same direction. Winter is winter and summer is summer; both are beyond people’s capabilities.

Since winter is inevitable, we should embrace it and put up with its prolonged darkness and shorter day hours. After all, we cannot do anything about it except to cheer for it and ask for kindness.

Watch Canadian winter