Mogadishu’s Carnage Continues

What is happening to the Somali people, especially the capital’s residents, is beyond imagination. Yesterday, car bombs at a busy market intersection in Mogadishu killed more than one hundred residents and wounded other three hundred civilians.

Yesterday’s Mogadishu Carnage

 Imagine killing a widow looking after six orphans. Imagine killing beleaguered civilians eking out a living to provide food for their offspring. Imagine killing pregnant women in labour and heading out to nearby hospitals, awaiting transportation. Imagine killing jubilant students in line to get their high school diplomas after many years of tedious study.

What is occurring in Mogadishu is beyond imagination. There is nothing to be gained from killing these categories of people. They are innocent ones. They are simply trying to survive and fend for each other.

Widows work very hard to earn some money so that their orphaned children can eat and go to school. The children themselves endure hunger and humiliation to get an education and eventually help their parents. So what is the point of killing them? This is a pointless action.

Please stop carrying out such cruel killings and stop producing many more orphans and widows. Who is going to provide for these parentless children? They will be a big burden on society.