Journaling to Serve the Public

Journalists have the right to interview people, but they must be scrupulous about their news stories and abide by principles of journalism. In fact, the journalists research and write stories for local, regional, national and international media outlets, depending on their mandates and scope of work.

Both broadcast and print journalists present events in the form of images, news stories and articles. And their primary responsibility is to provide the general public with newsworthy events and shine light on those who flex their muscles to oppress people and rob them of their liberty and rights.


The general public, especially the weaker ones, can be continually oppressed if the conduct and dealings of those whose power and positions affect citizens are not monitored and exposed. Hence, the journalists’ main duty is to monitor and report events that matter to the general public and affect its wellbeing to serve it and prevent it from repression and injustice.

But while doing their job to serve the general public, the individual journalists must not lose sight of their journalistic ethics and guiding principles, for if they fail to follow the principles of journalism, then their news stories will not affect that much.