Imagine Four Brothers Leaving the World at the Same Hour

Imagine four brothers drowning in a water well and leaving the world at the same hour. Imagine 37 persons left without guardians. Imagine two aging parents whose four sons die simultaneously. Imagine four widows with 31 orphans, unable to provide for them. What a grim situation, but remember that God is the best caretaker and ultimate resource.

Water well

A family residing in Somali Regional State suffered a catastrophic incident. The family’s four adult sons died in water well while trying to fetch water from the well to irrigate their farm. The tragedy occurred in a hamlet called Hora Hawd Village in the Somali region, which isn’t far from Jigjiga, the region’s capital city.

The tragic event touched many people’s hearts and made them cringe. All the four men were married, with each one supporting many children of his. The deceased men left behind four widows, 31 orphans, and two senile parents, who’re bedridden and need continuous care.  

Digging graves for deceased brothers

Both the region’s media and privately owned ones reported on the heartbreaking occurrence that befell the family. With their plight exposed to the public, it’s hoped that many kind people will come forward and extend a helping hand to these widows and their children.

Relatives of the afflicted families pleaded to the Somali region’s authority and asked for impactful assistance. They requested that the orphans be taken to an orphanage due to their numbers and immense, daily needs.

 In response to the families’ plight, diaspora community members are getting together to fundraise for the affected parents, widows, and children. This is a noble charity effort in the right direction. Whoever can help alleviate the suffering of these widows, orphans, and aging parents should do so. Assisting them at this difficult time is the best thing to do. Please help them to get an immense reward from the Creator.

Adversity hits some people harder than others. Indeed, tragedy has hit this Hora Hawd village family very hard. However, everything is fated by God, but people don’t know their ultimate fate. God prospers humans when they help each other and attend to their needy ones’ matters.