Goodbye Ramadan

Today is the last day of Ramadan, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be Eid day (festival), which marks the end of Ramadan. We’re bidding farewell to Ramadan, but hope it’ll revisit us.

We’ll come out of Ramadan refreshed and re-energized. Yes, refreshed spiritually and re-energized physically. Both our soul and body have got a good amount of exercise. Physically, we’ve become healthier; spiritually, we’ve become elevated and enthused. Ramadan is the cleansing of both the body and the soul.

We abstained from food and beverages, we put aside lusts, and we connected more with our creator. Those things are great exercises. Allah has enabled us, though, to carry out these pieces of training imposed on us by him during the month. Blessed are the month of Ramadan and those who take its guidelines, and make the most out of it.

Time runs very fast, so to speak. 30 days today, Ramadan began. It’s ending today. And tomorrow we get back to our routines. Aren’t you delighted? I think you’re. So am I. We’ll celebrate tomorrow at the end of Ramadan. It’ll be the acclaimed Eidul-Fitri day, one of our two annual festivals.

Apart from disciplining and purifying ourselves, we’ve assisted the less fortunate ones by giving out Zakatul-Fitri to make them happy on Eid day.

By obliging everyone to pay Zakatul Fitri to those who deserve it, the creator underscores the significance of helping each other. The haves must spend on the have-nots on the Eid day, so all can share the day’s happiness.

By tomorrow this Ramadan will be history. Time is like that. Today will be a history when tomorrow comes. We ask ALLAH to make us observe many more Ramadans to come.