Eidul-Fitr Festival Marks the End of Ramadan

Time flies so fast. Alhamdulillah, we completed Ramadan and are celebrating Eidul-Fitr today. Wow! That’s very quick, just like that. Ramadan went very fast indeed. Do you remember fasting the first day of this Ramadan? I do. It’s like yesterday. 


Anything that’s counted comes to an end. Ramadan is only 30 days long, but can sometimes end at 29. However, we maximized the 30 days this year, meaning we got more rewards, Insha-Allah. 

When the month of Ramadan starts, you might think of its entirety and how tough it can be, but it goes very fast as you can see it now. Yesterday was the last day of Ramadan, so we’re rejoicing today and getting back to our regular meals.  

Observing Ramadan is an honour. By taking Allah’s (God) orders, you feel disciplined and dignified. Yes, the creator is the supreme power, and we should take whatever he imposes on us. We, servants, are accountable, but he isn’t. And there is wisdom behind Allah’s command telling us to fast in Ramadan and refrain from food, water, lustful relationship, and evil manners. 

Now, don’t you believe you got an honour since you fulfilled what the creator commanded you to do? The answer is a resounding yes. Ramadan dignifies us and diminishes our colossal shortcomings. 

The soul is craving its regular, routine meals. After one month of eating only one meal or two meals at the maximum, our bodies might not easily get back to previous routines: consuming three meals a day plus snacks. 

Yes, our bodies took time off from continual food and drinks. Hence, they’ll take some time to get back to the basics. We’ve to bear with them. If you lost some weight, you can get it back in a week or so. Don’t worry. If you lost weight and wanted that, you’d celebrate, then. It depends on how you see Ramadan and its positive effects on you. 

Ramadan reaches out to the less fortunate ones. It relieves their hardships. Reflecting on Allah’s orders, you might’ve eased the pain of needy individuals. If you’ve done so, pat yourself on the back, so to speak. 

In Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) used to double his efforts aimed at helping the poor and the needy and would advise his companions to generously spend on those in dire need. Virtues of Ramadan include: 

  • Taming the soul
  • Cleansing the body
  • Helping the less fortunate ones

Eidul-Fitri marks the end of Ramadan. You and I, and millions of Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan today. It’s our festival today, one of two Islamic annual festivals. The completion of Ramadan makes us very joyous. We paid the binding Zakatul-Fitr amount before the Eid prayer so that the poor ones could rejoice, too.

Zakatul-Fitr is an amount of money paid by every household member, irrespective of age or gender. In other words, it’s money taken from the haves and given to have-nots. To reiterate, by completing the 30 days of Ramadan and paying due Zakat, we feel fortunate and are grateful for all blessings the creator has bestowed on us. Alhamdulillah once again. 

I’ll be remiss if I don’t mention how COVID 19 has inconvenienced the Eid day’s activities. The virus prevented us from attending congregations as our local mosques advised us to pray at home due to perceived risks. So, most families prayed at their homes, with household members. Safety is very important. 

This is the second year in a row that the virus distanced the faithful from the mosques. In addition, no other public gathering could take place at anywhere else, confining children and youth to their homes. They’re bored, but there’s nothing to do. Are they blaming parents? No, they put the blame squarely on the uncaring virus. Hell to COVID 19. 

I’m looking forward to the next Ramadan. What about you? I suppose you do the same. The Prophet’s companions would pray to Allay to extend their lives until the next Ramadan. They liked the month and longed for it. Every year. Each year. We look forward to seeing a vibrant Ramadan and a bustling Edul-fitr festival free from coronavirus and its restrictions.