Edmonton Deactivates Wearing Face Masks in Public Places

Wearing face masks in Edmonton public places began in August 2020 and is ending tomorrow, July 1. The City obligated people to wear face masks to curb the rapid spread of COVID-19, which has ravaged the world and killed millions of people. 

Edmonton City

Health professionals proved that your face mask matters a lot. Yours prevents spreading your germs to others, and other people’s face masks can stop their germs get into you. That’s the essence of wearing a face mask. It’s a protective measure. 

Face mask against COVID-19
Face Mask to fight Coronavirus (picture by BBC)

Like the face mask, the City is removing social distancing measures. What’s social distancing, anyway? It means that people have to be far enough away from each other so that the virus can’t jump from one person to another. 

Keep your distance
Keeping distance to fight Coronavirus

Social distancing is also an effective way to combat the virus. For instance, you keep a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters from other individuals. 

According to Alberta’s statistics, “71.3 percent of eligible Albertans have at least one dose.” This fact about the vaccination has put government levels at ease, and that’s why they’re easing the coronavirus restrictions, making residents jubilant as they need to enjoy summer and interact with each other. 

Tomorrow is Canada’s Independence Day, and it’s when the mandatory face mask will be deactivated. How do you like it? We’re all excited about the new measures in Alberta, but the virus isn’t gone yet. COVID-19 isn’t gone for good. So, we need to be very cautious until it’s over.