Copying and Using Other People’s Ideas Is Bad Habit

You’re talented, so never try to copy and duplicate other people’s works, but generate your ideas and make them materialize. Did you know that we humans are gifted but tend to use other people’s intellectual property? Yes. Many people copy and paste others’ works, and that is wrong and unethical. 

Intellectual property

We all have innate creativity, but some tend to overlook it. What is creativity, anyway? Creativity is your ability to generate an idea, refine it, and turn it into a product or a service used by the public. And that product or service becomes your intellectual property. It’s yours because you created it after pruning your brain.

Getting creative is challenging. It takes time, determination, and effort to stimulate the creative part of your brain. However, you must be adept at one thing or another. You might be good at business initiatives, politics, or writing. Build on what you’re good at and enjoy doing it to germinate potential topics. In other words, do what you’re passionate about. 

Is creativity inherited or learned? It’s both. And studies indicate that creativity is “more of a common human trait than a gift”. This reality encourages us to rely on our abilities, and stay away from copying other people’s ideas. We can imagine situations, come up with ideas, and turn them into real products. 

I agree with you that we might not have the stamina and efforts to invent new things. But creativity isn’t necessarily about inventing something as brilliant as electricity. It can be anything original. You’re fairly creative if you can come up with a small business idea and transform it into reality. 

Plagiarists are bad, don’t be one of them. Plagiarism is a bad habit, indeed. What is plagiarism, though? According to Webster’s Dictionary, plagiarism is to “steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own.” 


Have you ever seen two Somali restaurants next to each other, owned by two different individuals? Add to it that both serve the same menu. No more, no less. Creativity is lost here. Would you be a creative person if you’re one of them? I don’t think so as you’re copying an idea, especially if you’re the latter one. You could diversify your location or menu? Examples of that sort are many. 

Have you ever watched YouTubers copying ideas from one another? They copy each other’s work, too. When one’s video concept is doing well, others do the same thing to get more views and subscriptions. That’s plain plagiarism. But plagiarists can’t use concepts developed by other creative individuals, as they have the copyright. The pirates or plagiarists, whatever you call them, can be sued and put on trial. 


Copying other people’s work encourages you to not be productive. Therefore, never allow yourself to fall into that trap. You’ll disable your creativity. Never do that. Do your best and get determined to deliver original ideas. After some challenges, you’ll, of course, overcome nagging obstacles. 

Here are things that can stimulate your creativity:

  • Know your ability
  • Observe your surroundings wilfully
  • Take a walk and think of worthy doing things
  • Take time to daydream
  • Read and research your ideas
  • Work in a suitable environment

Because you’re talented, you don’t need to copy other people’s works. You can generate your ideas, and come up with your business plan. Just relax, get some confidence, and roll up your sleeves. You’re a creative individual, for sure.