Do not dislike snow

Many people detest snow and despise its arrival, but snow is a source of livelihood. Why do people dislike snow? Because it is synonymous with cold and slippery. Is that the reason for loathing it? A snowfall scares new immigrants and deprives them of joy, as they assert. They are not alone in feeling intimidated by too much snow. However, snow is to cold countries what rain is to tropical countries.

forest clearing during winter blizzard (XL)

We do not like excessive snow, but we need adequate snow for the earth. It is good for the moisture, it is good for the land, and it is good for farmers. Without adequate snow fall, we’ll be with draughts and skyrocketing prices for all kinds of food. Water is a source of life. So is snow.

Dear immigrants, we need to understand and realize this fact. If you, in mid-December, wake up five days in a row without spotting any snow in your backyard, do not celebrate please as that is not a good sign and something to be happy about. Rather, it is a bad omen indeed. A lack of snow hints at looming draughts, God forbid.

This year, many parts of Canada have not received enough snowfall yet. The province of Alberta is a case in point. Being one of the coldest and snowiest provinces of the country, Alberta’s lack of snow is an unprecedented phenomenon this year, Edmonton (The capital city of the province) is more exceptional. What is causing the delay? Climate change and El Niño are said to be the main factors, but Allah (God) knows best.

Climate change and ElNino are two factors that have recently wreaked havoc on many parts of the world, Somalia being a vivid example. Hundreds of thousands of its residents were recently uprooted by torrential rains. Water flooded everywhere, rivers and mainland alike. People lost their homes, farms, and livestock and became destitute.

Snow is to us what rain is to arid places of the globe. So cherish it, do not hate it. We need snow that can wet the land adequately so that farms can grow crops, and animals can get enough feed. Water is life, and snow is water. The two are inseparable.