Delighted with Ramadan

Today is the FIRST DAY of Ramadan, which brings delight to Muslims’ hearts due to its plentiful blessings. Ramadan is a month in which Allah (God) opens gates of paradise, closes gates of hellfire, locks up Satan, and blesses fasting people with boundless rewards.

Why Allah has chosen one month out of twelve months? That Allah knows best. However, this month has an unparalleled status and outshines all the other months. Allah, for a profound reason, obligates adult Muslims to abstain from food and drinks, from an intimate relationship, and gossip and evil talk. So, fasting is to stay away from all the above-stated issues, from pre-dawn to sunset. Nonetheless, not everybody has to observe the fast of Ramadan. There are exceptions.

Good deeds are multiplied in Ramadan. Because Allah is the Creator and does whatever he desires, he has promised to multiply the reward of those who observe Ramadan. And his promise is true. Praying five times a day is not as same as praying during any other times, for Ramadan prayers have more rewards than other prayers. That is why Ramadan is an ample opportunity for those who are willing to seize it.

Another blessing of Ramadan is that it is the Quran month. Allah revealed Quran to Prophet Muhammad in this holy month. So reading more Quran is fairly rewarding, too. It urges the faithful to get closer to their creator by taking his commands and observing Ramadan in the best possible way. Hence, the faithful ought to double down on their good deeds as they are multiplied and tripled in Ramadan. And every good deed counts. Nothing is trivial. Even moving some littering out of the way is a noble action. That is what Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) states in his authentic saying.

Like prayers and reading the Quran, the reward of giving charity is multiplied in Ramadan. When it came to helping the poor and the needy, the Prophet was very swift and swifter in Ramadan. And he would earnestly urge his followers to hasten in giving out charity to help the needy. He was the epitome of generosity. Allah continuously mentions in the Holy Quran the fitting reward awaiting those who give some of their earnings to those in need. Thus, Ramadan is a month in which the less fortunate ones receive more provisions, whether in cash or in-kind.

Upon the completion of Ramadan, every person, regardless of age or gender, has to pay a certain amount of money. This is mandatory. It is called Zakatul-Fitr. And one’s fasting can only be perfect after the due amounts have been paid. Again, the due amounts are given to the needy and poor. Indeed, Islam puts a great emphasis on assisting poor people.

Allah has prescribed Ramadan for a reason he knows, and the lucky ones are those who keep fast during the month if they can do so. Ramadan is to refrain from eating, drinking, having a lustful relationship, and indulging in idle talk and gossip. Then the reward is huge. INSHA-ALLAH.