Coronavirus Vaccine Found

God has enabled scientists to find effective vaccines for the unrelenting Covid-19 pandemic. After meticulous scientific experiments, a number of vaccines have been approved to be an effective inoculation against the harmful virus, making the world rejoice and rebound from profound and permeating fear. 


Two highly rated vaccines are already there to be utilized, and they are “Pfizer and Moderna”. Companies that produce both vaccines are based in the U.S. Pfizer Inc is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in New York, while Moderna is an American biotechnology corporation who is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

By finding these two effective vaccines and other ones, too, the devastation and decline caused by the Coronavirus pandemic will be lessened, if not eliminated, which is great hope. The two vaccines’ shots are believed to be fairly effective.

Covid-19 vaccine

Both Canada and the U.S. injected vaccines into the arms of their respective citizens. Canada approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine, and is reviewing the Moderna one, after which a due process will follow. Canada already received large immunization doses from the Pfizer Company, after Health Canada endorsed the vaccine. “If it’s approved, Trudeau said, Canada will receive up to 168,000 doses of the two-dose Moderna vaccine before the end of December. Trudeau said deliveries are slated to begin within 48 hours of Health Canada’s authorization.”  

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau stated that the Moderna vaccine will be available in Canada by the end of December 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged every aspect of life and upended life’s normal routines. In fact, the virus has negatively affected socialization, recreation, economy, education, and travel. In addition, it has secluded the world’s peoples in different corners, and confined others to other segments in their own localities and communities. 

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau

Now, that some successful vaccines are in place, it is believed that life will be normal again, though it may take some time until things return to that normalcy.

First Canadians receive Pfizer vaccine:

First American to get Covid-19 vaccine: