Climate Change Threatens Us

The world is awakening to climate change challenges. These challenges are haunting us. What comes to your mind when you heard the word “climate change”? Don’t you think of shifting atmospheres and weather patterns? 

Climate change means a rapid change of the earth’s temperature, which is presumed to be the calamity of our time. That change varies from place to place–whether national, regional, or international. 

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The globe has been already beset by concurrent disasters. They’ve hit us hard and exposed us to miserable conditions. Climate crises are looming over us. It’s affected us in one way or another, and its woeful stories are all over the place. Some of us are grabbling with prolonged droughts, floods, volcanoes, and the like. 

Rising temperatures and erratic weather conditions have led to droughts, floods, and cyclones. They devastated entire communities and drove them out of their homes, making them climate refugees.  

Because of the climate change adversities, some of us abandon our homes and migrate to other places in search of safety and substance. Some of our contents have been affected more than others. Asia, Africa, and the Americas are vivid examples impacted by the climate crisis. Thousands of migrants from these cotenants do invariably leave their habitations and seek refuge elsewhere. Climate change pushes them to the brink of extinction. 

Climate change is a menace. And if not mitigated, it’ll bring about catastrophic results. Hence, tougher measures aimed at tackling the climate change consequences ought to be taken. In so doing, we’ve to team up to fight the inevitable threat that climate change is imposing on us. Our collective efforts matter a lot. You and I can be part of the efforts, too. I suppose you agree with this proposition.   

Although the climate change issue is an overarching ephemeron, some countries are more responsible for it than others. More specifically, developed countries pollute the atmosphere more than less developed countries. They’ve been emitting more gases into the atmosphere, culminating in a rapid clime change, which has impacted us all.  

Our unregulated, greedy activities are the root causes of the climate crisis. These activities include: 

  • Burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, charcoal)
  • Industrialization ( Modern food production processes, making cars, airplanes, machines, and other manufactured goods)
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Can we slow down climate change? Yes, we can if we slow down our industrialization and stop emitting multitudes of gases into the atmosphere. Emitting uncontrolled gases into the atmosphere entails rising sea levels, rapidly melting glaciers, and warming temperatures. All these factors put together lead to droughts, floods, cyclones, and volcanoes. “As the global temperature rises, it brings sea level rise, fire, drought, flooding, extreme weather events, and heatwaves…”

We must pool resources and team up to fight the climate change effects that are already unfolding in front of our eyes. If we don’t, we’ll face an existential threat that can put us and our posterity into peril.