Canada Heads to an Election Campaign

Canada is gearing up to hold a federal election scheduled for September 20, 2021. A number of political parties are contending for the country’s Premiership, two of which have respectively ruled the country for a long time. These are the Liberal and Conservative parties. 

All the political parties are now rolling up their sleeves and perspiring to grab the minds and get the hearts of Canadians to win the upcoming federal election. Leaders of the political parties are campaigning and crisscrossing the country to disseminate their platforms and get their messages conveyed. 

 leaders of Political Parties (Photo by CBC)

Canada is a democratic country built on diversity and the rule of law. Every Canadian citizen aged 18 or older can vote and seek to be elected. Citizens vote for their communities’ candidates (Members of Parliament). Any Political Party that gets the highest number of parliament members forms the country’s government. 

Elected Members of Parliament (MPs) represent their local communities in the House of Commons, which is a place that represents the country’s communities. It’s a forum where all Canadians have a direct link to the governing of the country. 

Canada House of Commons
House of Commons

Representing their electoral districts, MPs address raised questions and concerns by residents. The Members of Parliament have offices in their respective constituencies (districts) so that citizens can access them in the event of a pressing need. There are 338 electoral districts in the country. 

Although the country’s federal election is to occur every four years, there can be circumstances that disturb that fixed time. Hence, the election can happen within less than four years. 

Canada’s first election took place on August 7, 1867, and Prime Minister John A. Macdonald of the Conservative Party won the election. The latest federal election was held in 2019, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party won it. He’s running again and is determined to win a majority government.

Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, his tenure: (1867–1873, 1878–1891) (Photo by Britannica)