Can Somalis Resolve Their Problems?

Somalia is lacking inclusive, independent organizations and intellectuals that can effectively mediate its disputing sides. Disputes and discords happen in every society, but their success depends on how the disputed issues are solved. 


Somalia does not, unfortunately, have any impartial, unified intellectuals whose words and mediations are heeded and taken. What is the reason? It boils down to tribalism. Among other things, there is no any Somali unified, intellectual group comprised of all Somali clans which reflects the society’s outlook and interest. Hence, when the country fails to mend its internal struggles and strives, it looks up to the international community for solutions. Is not that a bad thing? Yes, it is an awful matter. Why? Because the country is not empty of highly educated people of both spectrums (religion and otherwise), yet they are unable to resolve disputed issues in the country. 

And the country’s recent standoff regarding holding elections is a vivid example. 

Every country has trusted organizations and groups of intellectuals. But Somalis have failed to set up such united intellectuals or organizations. Therefore, there is no single unifying organization that can repair fractured relations between regions or leaders. Tell me. Who can mediate between Taajir and Tuurre? Which intellectual organization? Which Ph.D. holders? Which religious organizations? Although men are Somalis, they cannot trust any Somali mediators. Trouble, eh. 

The situation is so because Somalis have lost trust in each other. Each one is afraid of the other. So, they stay aloof from one another. Another factor that complicates the matter is the fact they do not adhere to the country’s constitution because it is something new to them. They are not accustomed to it. Call it a catastrophic condition when it reaches that point. People that live in the same country have everything in common, yet do not understand one another.  

With this reality in mind, the Somali people need to outgrow their ego and individual ambitions. Their society’s predicament will not end until they trust each other, empowers one another, and seek solutions within themselves. While it is not bad to get a helping hand from external venues, the Somali people must rely on their resources, and create inclusive, independent Somali organizations and intellectuals whose words and actions the society can heed and trust.