Breaking the Barriers of Somalia’s Traditional Leadership: Part two 

Things are changing and Somalia’s leadership ranks are changing, too. If Hamza Abdi Barre who is from the Ogaaden clan is Somalia’s current Prime Minister, General Sulub Ahmed Firin who is from the Jidwaaq clan has just become the Head of the country’s Police Force. He was nominated yesterday for the position, vacating his previous Deputy Minister of Transport which he held from August 2022 to January 25, 2023. 

General Sulub, the new Somali Police Commissioner

General Sulub, the new Somali Police Commissioner, is the first Jidwaaq individual to occupy such a prestigious position in Somalia. The clan has contributed to the country’s freedom and statehood but remained marginalized for a long time, but conditions are changing; yes they are. 

Both Prime Minister Hamza and General Sulub fall under the umbrella of Absame clans, meaning the 4.5 formula is getting there and working within the Daaroods. Previously, other Daarood clans used to take the biggest pieces of the pie, but the Absame clans are catching up now.

Left, General Hijar (former Somali Police Chief) Right, General Sulub(the new Somali Police Chief )

The country’s highest political landscape has revolved around Hawiye and Daarood tribes. Each one vies for the highest or the second-highest position. When one of them gets the presidential position, the other one gets the premier position. Somalia is a country struggling with protracted challenges, and its leaders have their own preferences.