Artificial intelligence is amazing

From steering a car, writing and translating content or analyzing data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amazing and is all over the place. I am writing this article from a research perspective, not from the viewpoint of an expert in the AI industry. Having dispelled that notion, let us get back to AI and its wonders. AI is a mind-blowing technology that has challenged the human brain and its ability. As if blessed with a sharp brain, AI can carry out tasks originally meant for only people to undertake, challenging them at times and even surpassing their abilities and aptitudes.  

What is AI?  “Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems capable of performing complex tasks that historically only a human could do, such as reasoning, making decisions, or solving problems.” 

AI is a fairly strange and smart technology. Who is behind it? It must be people, whoever that particular person or group of people might be; and theirs is a brilliant mind indeed. Fantasized first by science fiction (sci-fi) writers, AI emerged in the 1950s; and it has evolved ever since, mimicking human intelligence and using machines. A sci-fi novel titled “The Wizard of Oz” published in 1939 in the US foretold everything about today’s AI. Drawing on the novel’s prediction, a team of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers put their efforts together and realized the advent of AI technology in 1950. 

Without people’s imagination and input, AI is nothing. Because computers cannot program themselves, someone must store information in them and tell them to supply that information whenever needed and commanded. Of course, computers are brainless objects that can only execute humans’ orders. Put another way, computers are akin to a pen. Take out the ink, and you end up having a useless piece of an object. Without people’s input, AI is nothing. It is like a pen stripped of its ink. No more, no less. 

AI technologies respond to varied needs. They assist users in different ways, executing diverse tasks. While some AI software helps people with automobiles and operating machines, other AI tools assist people in outlining and content writing. Each specific AI is tailored to individual functionalities; needless to say, it has entered every mentionable industry existing out there. You name them. This amazing innovative technology is out there for everybody who needs it. For better or worse, it is inevitable. Nobody can ignore its pestering and ever presence. 

It is a click away from anyone intending to utilize it. AI entices people and tempts them to use it. “I am here for you; just click the mouse and place your fingers on the keyboard. I can hear and see you! What can I do for you? I can help you with your query. Just say it or type it, please.” That call comes from AI, and it is up to the particular person to respond to the call. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an inevitable technology. It is the obsession of this twenty-first century. It is all over the place and in every industry, be it big or small. AI is inescapable nowadays. Is it good or bad? That is another question warranting another piece of writing.