Bakayrblog is an independent blog, which features news articles about Canada, the Horn of Africa, and elsewhere in the world. Conflicts in the Horn of Africa have been happening for a long time, and the region is replete with both natural and human-made disasters. The blog does not cover hard news but sheds light on soft news (feature articles).  Mohamed Abdi (aka Bakayr) produces the blog’s content, striving to write informative and ethical news stories. The blog generated all articles contained herein, and nobody else is permitted to copy them and post them on other websites.

Mohamed Abdi is a Somali-Canadian writer, journalist, and essayist with an undergraduate degree in Communication and Media Studies. He is engaged in Advocacy Journalism and has been writing and contributing to online websites and traditional newspapers since 2002. The vast majority of his articles found in the blog’s archive appeared on two Somali big websites: Hiiraan Online, and Wardheernews. His debut article published by Hiiraan Online in February 2002 was titled “A Nation of Politicians and Bad Internet Sites”. Since then, Mohamed has been writing about myriad issues in Canada, and the Horn of Africa.

Mohamed authored two self published books. One is a collection of fictitious short stories, titled “Mother Somalia-Stories of Hope (eBook 2012); the other is a nonfiction book titled “The Agony of Somalia’s Civil war (2004). Mohamed’s work has also appeared in such anthologies as Between the Shelves (2015), and Looking Back, Moving Forward (2018), both anthologies published in Alberta, Canada.