Year: 2013

Demanding Their Rights

Jidwaaq community is entitled to demand its rights and denounce what is happening in Jigjiga, capital City of Somalia region of Ethiopia.  What is happening in Jigjiga is a systemic displacement, land grabs, arbitrary arrest and other atrocities of different forms, mostly aimed at the Jidwaaq community.  In mid 2013, about 30 elders and intellectuals …

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Jigjiga in Revolt

The survival and rights of a Somali clan that has traditionally been the gatekeeper of the Somali identity in Ethiopia’s Somali region must be protected if the region’s Somali clans aspire to preserve and invest in their collective wellbeing. The rights and survival of Jidwaaq clan (Abasguul, Bartire & Yabare) are currently at risk with …

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